Saturday, August 31, 2013

She Used Conditioner For What?????

I'm sure this isn't a novel idea but just wanted to fill those of you who may not know into it.

A little over a month ago, I ran out of shaving cream and was looking around the bathroom for a substitute. My hands landed on this bottle of cheap conditioner. Since that initial shave, I have not looked back to purchase shaving cream. Let me tell you, this stuff is the My legs have never been smoother or softer. I no longer have that second day shave feel where you can somehow feel the short hair stubs from shaving. No ingrown hairs or razor bumps. This stuff is gold in my book. My legs and I have never been happier.

Have you ever tried using conditioner to shave with?


  1. Haha.Nice post.That animated pic makes me lOl.
    Keep it up :)

  2. I have t try it. I always run out of shaving cream. Great post!!

  3. Nooo I never did that! In fact, I never knew it will work. Gotta try it even I'm not running out of shaving cream haha!