Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sleeping Positions

I never really thought much about the importance of sleeping positions before until this week.  Normally, when it comes to sleep, I just curl up and fall into dream land never paying much attention to possible stress my body would go through because of my posture during sleep.  As a consequence of one too many fetal positions, I was aroused by a stiff neck. That painful realty led me to think about the way I slept at night. I researched online and found some information that talked about the healthiest sleeping positions.  Throughout my research, one thing that stood out was that, not only could your most loved sleeping position give you back and neck pain, but it could also cause premature wrinkles and even sagging breasts in women. What sleeping position do you normally take when settling into bed? Check out below to discover the best positions for your body and the one you may want to avoid.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tales of a Bread Maker

After giving birth to our beautiful baby girl last year, my husband and I made a conscious decision to eat healthier and as organic as possible. We now buy organic fruits and veggies and make our own baby purees. Bread was one of the few items that we were still consuming store bought. Each week, we would spend about $7 on bread. Even though the bread was tasty, we were vary about the cost and the fact that it was imported (making it not the freshest).  Because of these things, just this weekend, we decided to buy a bread maker. By purchasing a bread maker, it guarantees us knowing exactly what goes into the bread we eat and how it is prepared. In addition to better quality bread we also would save quite a bit of money on our grocery bill by eliminating having to purchase bread weekly. The bread maker itself was reasonably priced and in fact, it would pay for itself in about 4 -5 months.

We purchased the West Bend 41300 High Rise Bread Maker (which you can find here).
Below is a picture of the first loaf I baked in my new appliance. The bread was DELICIOUS!  In fact, it was sooooo good, it was gone by the end of the day. I am so happy I decided to go down this route and I am very proud of myself for eventually falling into the role of a domestic goddess (shameless gloating, lol).