Sunday, June 30, 2013


On my natural hair journey, I've attempted many twist outs but never quite achieved "the look". Yesterday, I decided to give it a go again and was pretty happy with the final results.  My hair was two strand twisted for a week before I took them down. The products I used to twist my hair are Qhemet Biologics  Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee  and Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter pictured below along with the Castor & Moringa Softening Serum . The results; soft, defined, touchable twists. 

The Results

Another way I styled my twist-out

Friday, June 28, 2013

I am an addict!

The first step to recovery is to acknowledge that you have a problem. 
Well here goes, I AM A PRODUCT JUNKIE!!!! I am addicted to hair products. Luckily for me, I know the source of my addiction... those darn YouTube videos featuring the latest hair product reviews. When a hair vlogger comes across a product that they coin as their "staple" they make it sound like the holy grail. And of course being the addict that I am, I am drawn in and want to get my hands on the wonder product. As a matter of fact, just yesterday, I watched a video on YouTube by a 4c vlogger talking about how amazing Entwine Couture Butter Creme Hydrator was. So of course today, I went to one of the local beauty stores and sort it out. Thankfully, they didn't have it in stock, otherwise I would have fed my addiction. 
On the way home, I reflected on all the products that I have and barely use. I determined that after two and half years on this natural hair journey, I pretty much have a handle on my type 4c hair and the products that work best on it. I can continue to enjoy watching videos of what other 4c ladies are doing but I don't have to be cajoled into buying a product that I don't need.  Truthfully, in my relaxed hair days, I don't recall ever having so many products. But now that i'm natural, it's like a hair care products beast has been unleashed. Below is a picture of my current stash. 
As of today, I solemnly pledge to not buy another hair product until I have completely used up the ones I already have. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Every now and again, I stumble upon music that catches my attention. I was watching Couples Therapy today on VH1 and heard the song below playing. I was moved by the simplicity of the music and the sincerity of the song writer's words. Check it out below.

Downy Disaster!

With days away from welcoming my second child into the world, I decided to gather all the baby clothes I had bought and wash them in preparation for baby's arrival. I've always been told to wash the baby clothes before putting them on a newborn. I still don't understand this logic considering that the clothes are new but decided nevertheless to do as told (maybe some of you can clear up this old wives tale for me). On the rinse cycle, I added some downy softener into a downy ball and dropped it into the washing machine. Upon completion of the clothes being rinsed, I was devastated to see a few of my baby clothes ruined with downy stains. I was close to tears and began searching the internet feverishly to see how the clothes could be salvaged.  I came upon a remedy that seemed pretty straight forward and didn't require me to go out and purchase any products. 

To remove downy softener stains from clothing, simply wet clothing and rub with a bar of ivory soap. Wash on hands then let soak for about 10 -15 minutes in either warm or cold water (I used cold water). 
I was amazed by the results! My baby clothes looked new again. See below for before and after pictures. 


Rub ivory soap on the spot

After (good as new)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Home Solution # 1

One of the most difficult tasks for me in "keeping house" is folding fitted sheets. Folding fitted sheets is comparable to tying my shoes while nine months pregnant (both are next to impossible) in my humble opinion. But, today I came across a simple method to conquer the arduous task of folding fitted sheets. Peep the video below to see how to...