Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hair Coloring

I've been natural for three and a half years. Although i'm thrilled with the overall health and length of my hair, I have a slight problem. Slowly, but surely, there are a few grey hairs that are getting on my last nerve. Currently, I mask my greys by strategically parting my hair to cover them and another way that is too embarrassing to say. Right now, I have an incredible itch to color my hair so that I could take care of my greys in a more lasting way.  I'm hesitant as to what system I want to use because I don't want my years of good hair health to go down the drain by using a coloring system that could potentially damage my hair. I've done some research and concluded that I need a system that is ammonia and peroxide free. I came across Naturtint and Herbatint.
Both products claim: 
  • 100% GREY COVER 
I'M SCARED YOU'LL! I don't want to cause damage to my hair or alter my texture in any way but i'm tired of these greys. Have any of you used the products mentioned before or know of safer alternatives that can color my greys in a timely and healthy way? Looking forward to your recommendations.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Natural Hair - Relaxed Mentality

I recently went to a natural hair meet up and was immediately overjoyed by the amount of newly naturals present. They were all so young and free and bursting with excitement about their journey.

As the event progressed and I listened to the questions asked and statements made, a very unsettling question popped into my mind.

Has having natural hair become a fad? *A fad can be described as something that gains popularity very quickly but only lasts for a short period of time*.

Over the last two years, in my hometown, the natural hair movement has really taken off. In previous time, there were a few naturals and even fewer natural hair products on the local market. As it currently stands, more beauty supply stores are carrying natural hair products, more local social media support groups are being established and natural hair events are becoming the norm.
With natural hair now "fashionable" for Afro textured women, are we approaching it from the point of getting to know and appreciate our hair or more from the point of this is what is wearing now? 

I call the latter, "RHM" short for relaxed hair mentality. 

If you fall into any of the categories below, it's quite possible you may have "RHM".

1. You're obsessed with slicking your hair down. 

2. You still try to comb your hair with a fine teeth comb.

3. You can't live without your flat iron.

4. You try to wear styles you wore when you were relaxed. 

5. You refer to hair as being "good hair" or "bad hair". 

6. You idolize those with looser curl patterns.

7. You are a product junkie always on the hunt for that magic potion that will make your hair grow longer and faster. 

8. You'll try anything and pay any amount if it promises to give you longer hair.
Word of advice to all the new natural hair ladies out there: take the time to learn your hair and love it just as it grows out of your scalp. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'm baaack & Guest Post

Hi guys, after weeks of being unplugged from the blog world (see previous post) I'm back! Today, I have a guest blogger..... my hubby! Yaaaaay! He's here to write a review on an eatery we happened across on our summer vacation in Montreal. Check it out below!

Minced: La Maison Des Burgers - ooh la la!
Most people don't think fine dining when they think of hamburgers. But my family & I stumbled across a tiny hole in the wall that makes "burgers & fries" a wonderful gustatory and gastronomic experience.

Minced: La Maison Des Burgers (literally translated - "Minced: Burger House") is a new restaurant on Rue St Denis in Montreal Quebec. It has only been open for 2 months but is building up its following. When we arrived for lunch in the late afternoon on a Wednesday, we were the only persons in the restaurant. We only stopped after looking at the menu and seeing that they served several different types of burgers (my son loves burgers!!!!).

We were seated and the waitress let us know that they served a full range of drinks, including sangrias, which sealed the deal for us staying. We ordered and were able to watch as our patties were handcrafted by the owner/head chef and prepared on their grill. All the meat and produce is bought fresh same day. And the brioche buns are specially made for the restaurant. Our son ordered a "lazy cow" and I ordered the "stinger". Not only is the certified angus patty made fresh, but the dressing for the salad that comes with the burger is made fresh, as well as the special sauces that are put on each sandwich. Talk about attention to detail. All of these touches add, what the Montrealers would call a certain "je ne sais qoui" to the experience.

When we bit into the burgers, they were juicy and bursting with flavor. The spicy burger had the right amount of "kick" to it and the salad provided a cool counterbalance to the meal. With a merlot, this completed the meal. Or did it?

There was still room for dessert. On the menu was a decadent chocolate fudge brownie, crowned (like the royal mount the City is named after) with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice-cream. This dessert was the jewel in the crown. Tres magnifique!

After lunch, we chatted for a bit with the waitress who told us about other items on the menu, like the chicken, lobster and lamb burgers. We told her that we would spread the word about their new gem of a burger house and wished them the best before heading onto more adventures in the city.

If you are ever on the island of Montreal, you should make a stop at this little place on Rue St Denis to enjoy a good meal and friendly service.

Bon app├ętit!

Minced: La Maison Des Burgers