Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Party Time!

A friend is celebrating her 35th birthday in grand style come next month. I'm super excited about the gathering and can't wait to celebrate with her.  In true diva style, my friend has a dress code and professional photographers at the event. I've been advised to attire myself in clothing that is in the black and white scheme of things. December nights in my home town are pretty unpredictable but i'm erring on the side that it will probably be cool based on the weather we're experiencing now. Here's the dilema... I don't know what to wear. Help!!!! 

Did I mention that the party is on December 7th? So I've been searching the "interweb" and came up with a few looks. What say ye?

  Look 1

   Look 2

   Look 3

  Look 4

1 comment:

  1. So I went with look 2 in all black. It was nice on but the material was a bit too thick for the type of weather that we experienced that evening. Had a blast at the party too! Food and company was excellent!