Thursday, November 29, 2012

Favorite Television Night

Next to Friday (I will forever be a Fringe Junkie), Thursday night is by far one of my most favorite television nights. Two of my most guiltiest pleasures are showcased on this night. Starting at 9p.m is an old time favorite... Grey's Anatomy. I absolutely adore the story lines because they are so relatable. The music on the show is also fantastic. I love how they specially select songs that blend in with the story. Also, the type of music used is transformational in that the lyrics and musical arrangements tug at your emotions, allowing you to become one with the characters. I love the witty language used in each scene.  It's amazing how medical terms can become so easy to translate by the way the characters discuss cases. Grey's Anatomy is the perfect blend of medical drama coupled with romance. It's like "House" meets "Boy Meets World". Oh, and how can I forget the absolutely gorgeous male doctors in the form of McDreamy, Jackson & Alex!
My next guilty pleasure on Thursday night is ...dun, dun, dunnnn Scandal. This is a fairly new show but it has captured my attention from the first episode. Scandal offers steamy scenes, female empowerment and drama. Shonda Rhimes has done it again with this political drama showcasing the talented Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope. Olivia has a crisis management firm that specializes in ensuring that the secrets of the rich and famous remain a secret. I am totally in awe of Olivia's intellect and strong role as a leader.
So, what's your favorite Tv night? Please do leave a comment sharing all of your favorite shows.

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