Monday, November 26, 2012


I'm coming up on my two year natural hair anniversary. I'm very proud of the strides i've made in my hair journey so far. But... today was not a good day. Firstly, my two strand twists were a mess (even though I had just redone them). My hair felt extra brittle and no matter how I tried to style it, it just wasn't happening. When I walked out the door for work this morning, I felt unattractive and extremely frustrated. As I roved through the day with the overwhelming feeling of defeat in my mind, I could think of only one solution ... a jar of relaxer (holds head and scream). Whoever said that natural hair is easy to deal with is a bold faced liar. It is a lot of things but easy. Much care, patience and knowledge is needed. As I thought back on my relaxed hair days I recall that that wasn't the easiest journey either. So, to ease my burgeoning desire to seek comfort in the creamy crack, I called my trusty hair braider and booked an appointment A.S.A.P.  For all those naturals out there who may get the itch to dive into a jar of Dark & Lovely because of a bad hair day or week, I recommend placing your hair in a protective style.  Out of sight, out of mind! After a few days of not bartering with your hair, you'll feel renewed in your journey. Stay Encouraged!

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