Monday, May 12, 2014

Celebrity Mother's Day

One of the most viewed videos this weekend was that of Kevin Durant (NBA - MVP) paying tribute to his mom during his acceptance speech. Like many who saw it, I too was moved to tears when I saw it. 
But one tribute that didn't get much press, that really moved me to the core was Eminem's video tribute to his mom. Those of you who are familiar with Eminem's earlier work, you may recall his video that bashed his mother (check it out here). Well, now he's apologetic and poured out his heart. It took awhile for him to recognise the many sacrifices his mother made. She was not perfect, but she did all that she could under the circumstances. Eminem renders very passionate and emotional lyrics in his song "Headlights" that was amply complimented by the soulful harmony of Nate Reuss. I sincerely hope he and his mother are able to reconcile.  
Peep the video below. (Please be warned that some of the lyrics contain language that may not be pleasing to all).