Saturday, February 13, 2016

My First Time

By the time most persons are 21, they would have experienced their "first time"... But for me, It's a crying shame when you're in the middle of your thirties, birthed two kids and never before baked cookies. I've never had any interest in baking cookies even though I've experimented successfully with a variety of other pastries. This week I decided to lose my cookie baking virginity. I went to my go to site for all things stove related and found the perfect (I mean easiest) recipe for making chocolate chip cookies. 
With minimal ingredients needed and no experience necessary, this recipe is just what any one who has never "done it" before would need. 

These cookies are kid and hubby approved! So happy I took a chance and got my cookie baking on.


  1. Hi SD, Welcome back to blog town. Thanks for stopping by my place to say hi. I don't like to bake because of all the measuring we have to do. We don't measure anything back home. The cookies look good.

  2. Thanks Nerline! Yes, I was on a long hiatus. I actually prefer baking over cooking any day. But you're right, baking is a lot of measuring. Thanks for stopping by.