Saturday, November 28, 2015

Brow and Lash Challenge

Hi guys, today marks the start to my official brow and lash challenge. Nature has not blessed me with voluminous lashes or brows. In fact, my brows are super thin and sparse and so are my lashes. I've tried many of the popular products on the market that promises fuller brows and long lashes to no avail. Today I kickstart my natural journey to longer lashes and fuller brows.

Firstly, here's a snapshot of what my brows and lashes look like to date.

Here's what I'll be doing.
For 30 consecutive days, I'll be applying a special serum to my brows and lashes. At the end of the 30 days, I will document my progress (if any) with pictures.

Special Serum
100% pure cold pressed castor oil
extra virgin organic coconut oil
avacado or vitamin -e oil

Below is a video documenting how to grow longer lashes and brows.
Wish me luck guys and I invite those of you with similar type lashes and brows to join me in this challenge. 



  1. I know for sure that Castor oil can help you with this problem , but good luck anyway. Lol! Happy new week,love!!

    1. Thanks Nerline! I really hope this works.

    2. Hi Nerline, I decided to extend the challenge for three months instead of 30 days. My results for the first 30 days, have been less than news worthy. Maybe my brows and lashes are already at their growth plateau but I will definitely document at the end of the 3 months/90 days period.