Friday, September 6, 2013

What should I get hubby for his birthday?

My hubby's birthday is just a few short days away and I need your help deciding what to get him. Here's what i've been toying with in my mind...

1. He's really into watches. I saw this Thomas Sabo watch and figured he'd love it.
2. Can't go wrong with a dress shirt and tie for work. Paul Fredrick is one of his favorite brands.

3. Tech gadgets are high on the list of most men.
Which ever item gets the most votes between now and Monday, that's the one I'm getting. So, what say ye?

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  1. Thanks Noor! Appreciate you taking the time to help me out

  2. I think the watch is a great gift.

    Chimere Nicole

  3. I say the tablet because I cannot be without my Ipad! If not then I would go with the watch, my hubby loves watches as well. For my husband's birthday last year I took him to a romantic dinner, then we spent the night at a spa and resort in Blue mountains, we had a couples massage and I gave him a bunch of nice presents including a watch, tickets to a hockey game, some clothes and cologne. It can be hard to come up with something new every year though I'm running out of ideas!

  4. Erica what a lovely surprise you had for your husband! Sounds like we need to exchange ideas when those special occasions roll around. Thanks for the feedback too!