Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gone Girl

"The hallmark of a sociopath is the lack of empathy". 
I just came back from seeing Gone Girl and I got the biggest mind shag ever. That movie was dark, raw, crazy, riveting and hella good. Can't believe the level of story telling coupled with amazing film scoring. I was utterly and totally impressed. Best $8.50 i've spent on a movie in a while. I have four words for anyone reading this post, GO SEE GONE GIRL! Peep the trailer below.


  1. Where in the world do you get to pay $8.50 for a movie? I pay $11.00, girl! I cannot wait to see this movie.

  2. Omg $11.00 for a movie? Does that include popcorn and a drink? Yes in the Bahamas it's only $8.50. That's why our slogan says "It's better in the Bahamas!" But you definitely need to go see the movie. It is crazy good from beginning to end.